All Data. all clouds.
completely secure.

A unified approach to data security and governance

Meet The Data Security Governance Platform

TrustLogix ensures the right data is only accessible by the right people, no matter the clouds or platforms where it resides


Eliminate data silos and easily manage all data access and privacy needs from a single platform.

Intelligent Discovery and Monitoring

Discover data access and sharing risks, and get recommendations to resolve them.

Granular Access

Create and enforce fine-grained access controls from data ingestion to consumption.

at Scale

Maintain accurate, efficient security operations at scale with a proxy-less, agentless architecture.

Empowering Data Security Operations, and Governance
Teams to Collaborate — Securely

Data Owner

Safely democratize data across your organization to accelerate business progress and outcomes

Data Governance

Improve the consistency of data use across the organization and create trusted data that's an asset to your business

Data Engineering

Eliminate the complexities of multiple clouds and platforms to easily translate policies into clear role-based permissions

Security Operations​

Easily establish consistent data security policies and fine-grained access controls across all clouds and data platforms

We Focus on the Data, Not the Cloud or Platform

Transform security from innovation bottleneck to accelerator.
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