About Us

Our Technology, Platform, Passion, and Mission

We are a team of passionate security professionals who have built security products and solutions that thousands of enterprises use and rely on today for their day-to-day transactions. We have defined and built innovative security solutions for middleware, databases, and SaaS and IaaS cloud services. The cloud security solutions we built in the past have become de facto standards today.

Tens of thousands of enterprises and growing have migrated to cloud data analytics platforms. These organization’s data engineers and security teams can no longer effectively manage data fragmentation across multiple clouds and need a next-generation data security platform to address this challenge within organizations.

We were convinced that current data security solutions have not been built to handle modern data platform architectural scale and complexity adequately enough to address risk and compliance requirements while still providing velocity and agility to the business. A fresh approach is required to solve this problem.

Having built scalable security architectures for some of the largest companies in the world, we knew what had to be done: Build a cloud-native, highly scalable data security platform that could listen-learn-recommend, automate policy provisioning, and enforce granular access controls across multiple cloud platforms without changing the experience of any of the data consumers.

The result? TrustLogix.

We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 customers and built an architecture that massively scales and secures data at the source. We also work with strategic cloud vendors and service providers to continue to push the envelope in terms of innovation for large scale data security solutions.

If your desire is to enable your team to have safe, easy access to the data they need when they need it, we’d love to talk to you.

Our Company

Outside of our technology, platform, passion, and mission, TrustLogix is well funded and backed by a top tier venture capital firm: Norwest Venture Partners. We have a number of CEOs and cybersecurity/data security industry experts as angel investors.

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who have depth of experience in building innovative security products with a successful exit by acquisition.

Interested In Working For Us?

We are currently looking for Product Development Engineers, Data Scientists, and DevOps Engineers with backgrounds in Cloud/Security/Data Platforms. Send us your resume/CV and let’s discuss your interest in working on and advancing a revolutionary data security platform!