Data Security Platform from Single Source to Multi-Cloud

The TrustLogix Data Security Platform was built from the ground-up to assist Data Engineers to effectively manage and secure modern day data analytic platforms deployed across single- and multi-cloud environments. TrustLogix integrates seamlessly to observe and learn, and intelligently recommend and automate policies.

Data Engineers define common-sense data protection policies directly into their data pipelines and data platforms which are deployed via Trustlets™, a patent-pending technology that embeds seamlessly into mainstream cloud data platforms and operations frameworks, including data lakes and data warehouses such as Databricks, Redshift, Snowflake, and others.

Using TrustLogix, Data Engineers no longer need to create individual policies for every platform and spend hours synchronizing and managing them across the organization.

Observability & Learning Engine

With proliferation of data platforms, Data Engineers have been forced to become reactive to data security across these platforms. The TrustLogix Observability & Learning engine assists in providing visibility into data exfiltration and addresses gaps in policy enforcement without requiring any changes to the existing data usage by the data consumers.

Enable Through ML Driven Policy Recommendations Engine

With advances in Machine Learning, the TrustLogix Data Security Platform brings relief to the age-old problem of Data Engineers spending days or even months understanding the data, defining and understanding usage patterns, and constantly revising policies. The platform provides actionable insights based on observed and learned behavior.

Automate Granular Access Controls

Streamline operations and limit access to minimize risk.


Security teams and governance teams work with data owners to ensure access is granted as per business compliance requirements. They use the TrustLogix dashboard and reports to achieve this.